§1 | General rules

– Friendliness has top priority
– No insults
– No racism
– No sexism
– No right/left radical statements
– In a word: Don’t be a dick!

§2 | Decisions

Anything that involves the COA is decided by the CEO’s representing their teams.

§3 | Inviting and excluding combines

The CEO’s will cast votes on which combine to let into the COA and which combines to exclude from the COA. CEO’s can invite combines after there has been a vote on joining and the combine which is intended to join has agreed to the COA rules. In this poll all votes of the CEO’s must have been cast before the combine can be invited to join the COA. Though all votes must have been cast by the end of the next 24 hours after publication of the poll otherwise there could be a delay. With 12 combines in the COA (one of which is not eligible to vote: „CODEX IMPERIUM II“) at least 7 out of 11 eligible voters must vote for „yes“, this is ensuring an absolute majority.

§4 | New combine/s probation/ with war/s

All new combines admitted into the COA are done so on a 60 days probationary period as a non-voting member, once the 60 days are up with no issue within the 60 days, a vote of confidence or no confidence following the vote procedure setforth to invite a new combine into the COA will be done (7 out of 11 majority). If the vote fails, the probation can be extended another 60 days or the combine can be removed at the discretion of the COA by a simple majority vote. In addition, any combine wanting to join our COA has to finalize all on going wars for good before joining our COA. This serves to protect our COA.

§5 | Activating the COA

The CEO’s will be the only ones that have the power to activate the COA as one. All CEO’s need to agree to this the majority is not enough. Upon activation each team’s diplomacy with the opponents (team/teams/COA) will no longer be valid or to be respected despite past agreements between the teams and that/those team/s involved in attacking our COA.

§5.1 | Situations the COA might be activated

– Attacks on assets of a team of our COA such as multiple MC’s to gain a larger portion of territory or several attempts (failed or successful) attack on a HQ of a team of our COA.

§5.2 | Situations the COA won’t be activated

– Multiple attacks on a team’s homebases aren’t enough reasons for the activation of the COA. A COA team can of course support another COA team on their own intention.
– Ongoing disputes/personal wars etc. of a team of our COA.

§6 | MC’s of our COA members

If a MC of a combine of our COA is conquered by a combine outside our COA from the main area without prior announcement this MC has to be taken back. However it must then be returned to the original owner without any claims.

§7.1 | Farms

Farms per Plarium are „Open Targets“ and therefore considered free to raid within the coalition membership. To avoid misunderstandings it is recommended that coalition members communicate with each other, and if there is a misunderstanding to settle it with each other if possible. Coalition members are not allowed to load farms up with troops after a successful recon by another coalition member to trap them and kill their troops. On the otherhand, if a coalition member finds a farm to be heavily loaded they must communicate a request to the holder for the troops to be removed or lowered as to not kill off that coalition member’s troops. Farms are to be raided and then immediately left unoccupied for the original coalition member to retake possession. The point here is to work together and not to be killing off coalition troops as that only weakens us all. (If an agreement is met between the coalition members to include the killing of troops that is between them to agree on.) If a player is found to have violated this rule, the first offense shall be a warning, second offense shall require the CEO of the combine the player is in to remove the player from their combine effectively removing them from the coalition.

§7.2 | Repositories and depots

Attacks on repositories and depots are not allowed on other teams within the COA unless agreed upon for example pvp or tourney points. Weakening our own COA by killing our own defense is not helping the COA growing stronger.

§8 | Spies/troublemakers

Check the list of known spies/troublemakers; make sure they don’t end up in your combine.

The COA leadership

(Status from 05.14.2020, 6:20pm, updated by MSA)